Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will the vinyl tints do any damage to my lenses?

A: The vinyl is 100% safe and won't harm the lenses, it actually protects them


Q: Will the tints stay on and what makes vinyl the way to go?

A: Vinyl tints can withstand all the elements and won't fall off in carwashes or driving at any speed. They stay on much better than inferior "static" cling type tints. They are also completely removable if you want the off which is much better than painting the lenses.


Q: Are the tints hard to install?

A: Most D.I.Y. types will find the application fairly simple with the proper tools, but professional installation is recommended if you don't feel comfortable.


Q: What items are required to unstall the tints?

A: Soapy water, paper towels, a heat gun or hair dryer and a squeegee are a must. A razor blade for fine final trimming is also recommended.


Q: If the tints are precut why do I need a razor blade?

A: The tints are precut, but different people have different installation techniques and some may stretch the vinyl farther than others requiring a slight trim.


Q: Are the tints legal in my state?

A: The tints are legal in most states but please check with your states' laws to verify.