About Us

Welcome to Subject 9 Australia

Subject 9 LLC have been manufacturing precision cut Tinting Kits for a very long time with almost 10,000 kits sold through Ebay alone.

Subject 9 Australia laucnhed in October 2020 and in a very short time we have taken the market by storm with the popularity of our products. Our new lines continue to grow as we source products our customers want. 

Our core values are based on respect for the individual, acting with dignity and integrity, providing old school customer service and great value. You see we love cars, especially performance and we love to explore and source great products for you.

Our back story

With a background in Financial risk management in International trade, frustrated with trying to find products at a reasonable price, Chris Watson started Subject 9 Australia as side hustle. It all started with a thought, then a conversation with our USA partner Subject 9 LLC about servicing the Australian market. Since then, we tried, tested, binned, returned, lost and continuously evolved to provide the best service and best quality products we can find.  

Because your car is a unique as you are, we look to bring you the best and most cost effective products to you, so remember to visit us regularly as new products will be source new and exciting products.

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Thanks again for visiting Subject 9 Australia


Mustang GT