Mustang FM (15-17) Head light Precut Clear PPF Overlay Kit

Mustang FM (15-17) Head light Precut Clear PPF Overlay Kit

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Product Description

2015-2017 Mustang Headlight PPF kit

Kit includes 6 pieces of paint protection film vinyl overlay for:

  • Headlight  (2) 
  • Fog lights (2)
  • Front Markers (2)

OraGuard Stone Guard Key Features

.6 mil outdoor paint protection film
Medium-term, up to 5 years
Clear gloss finish, permanent adhesive

Five benefits of having paint protection for your vehicle.

1. Polished Look— Paint Protection Film for your car emphasizes a sleek and polished appearance with its high-gloss durability and shiny end-result look.

2. Protects Integrity— Paint Protection Film protects your vehicle surfaces from damage, road rash debris, bugs, climatic change, and various chemicals.

3. Preserves Paint or Plastic surfaces — Paint Protection Film aids in preserving your vehicle’s coloring and prevents discoloration from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

4. Cost-Effective— Paint Protection Film lessens damages caused to your vehicle’s exterior, allowing itself to be a contributor in cost-management for your vehicle.

5. Increases Resale Value— Paint Protection Film ensures the vehicle’s paint stays fresh and looking brand new, no matter what weather, climate, or situations it encounters.